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Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives on Well-Being – Course Syllabus

Course Structure

This is an online 8-week course on the psychology and philosophy of happiness and well-being at the graduate level available for 3 credits. The course will include both synchronous webinar participation and asynchronous participation in online discussions:

  • Synchronous participation will take place during four, three-hour webinars during the eight-week duration of the course.
  • Asynchronous participation will be conducted via the online learning portal located at: https://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org/academy.

Course package

The course package includes the following material:

  1. 4 Live Webinars
  2. 4 Live Online “office hours”
  3. Webinar Recordings (for those that cannot attend live webinars) see sample webinar
  4. 8 Week Syllabus
  5. Papers
  6. Online Forum Discussions
  7. Faculty Office Hours via Phone, Skype, & E-mail
  8. Graduate School Credit (3-credits)

Required Readings

Each week, there will be references to required and suggested readings. Required readings include sections of textbooks, primary source articles, online resources, and videos. Required textbooks (listed below) can be purchased or borrowed from public libraries.

Primary source articles will be provided as either PDF files in the course Dropbox or URLs to the pertinent web sites for free downloads.

Required Coursework:

During this 8-week online course, students will be required to complete the following coursework:

  • Complete all required readings (texts, articles, resources) and watch all required videos to prepare for assignments (see Course Overview and Course Outline for detailed descriptions).
  • Participate in four mandatory 3-hour-long Webinars (12 synchronous classroom hours).
  • Participate online in the form of writing/posting assignments and writing responses to classmates’ assignments (32 total or 4/week asynchronous classroom hours).
  • Complete a final project in which students submit a substantial original document in one of the following formats:
    1. Design a program for an organization or institution you belong to (e.g. workplace, school, community group) that would benefit from learning about and applying one or more of the correlates explored in this course. Design a questionnaire to measure the impact of the program.
    2. A curriculum unit or units that integrate psychological and philosophical perspectives on happiness with particular school curricula for secondary school or college students.

Graduate Credit

This course has been accredited by Charter Oak State College for 3 graduate school credits upon successful completion. Students who wish to receive graduate credit for completion of the course must apply through the Credit Registry at Charter Oak State College..

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