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The Psychology of Happiness
-A Practical Guide-
Online Certificate Course

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How can I become happier?

In an age where 20% of people will experience significant psychological distress over the course of one year, people want to understand what makes them happy. After practicing only one of the seven habits that we teach, 76% of respondents report higher levels of happiness. Thanks to the work of positive psychologists like Martin Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Carol Dweck, as well as a treasure trove of scientifically validated information from scientists working in many fields, we now have much deeper insight into happiness and its causes.

Our three-week certificate course includes:

  • One real-time webinar, where our course instructors introduce all participants to the habits of happy people
  • Access to ample information on the science of happiness
  • Take-home exercises, to begin practicing the habits of happy people
  • An interactive online forum, where participants post reflections
  • A final webinar presentation (the most enjoyable part of the course, in our experience!)
  • Signed and Sealed Certificate of Completion (upon successful participation of the course in full)