Beyond Homo Sapiens: Rethinking who we are in a post AI world

At some point, in terms of raw intelligence, AI may overtake humans. So what makes us special? Are we Homo Sapiens? Is intelligence, or wisdom, the ability to apply knowledge, the most central thing about us? Or something else? This question, about our identity, consciously or unconsciously, has an enormous impact on what we do….

Remarkable News from Scotland: Strathclyde University

Happiness Is Hear to Listen Marie Cooke, PhD; Steve Kelly, PhD; Mark Setton, DPhil., Anthony Arciero, PhD; Paul Desan, MD, PhD.   LAUNCH OF THE LISTENERS Multiple surveys conducted in 2021-2, in both the UK and the US, have revealed that a staggering 50% of secondary school and college students are experiencing disabling depression or anxiety….

Spreading Happiness and Baconnaise Part 2

During a past Daily Show episode, Jon Stewart responded to President Obama’s statement that “this is America: we don’t do what’s easy, we do what’s necessary” by holding up a jar of Baconnaise (bacon spread for sandwiches). Stewart sarcastically retorted that Americans love doing what’s easy – so much that products like Baconnaise exist for…