Tour of Greece, Spring 2017

In a fiercely competitive world dominated by the pursuit of profit and power, interest in the pursuit of happiness is suddenly booming. Can we achieve greater happiness?

The first thinkers to pose these questions, and provide answers that literally changed the course of history, were the Greek thinkers Socrates, Aristotle and Epicurus. Mark Setton (D.Phil, Oxford, Intellectual History), founder of is our guide on a unique tour of Greece to explore the birthplaces and remarkable insights of the “Ancient Greek Pioneers of Happiness” and visit the locations where they taught.

May 13 – May 19, 2017

Trip Itinerary:

Day One – Welcome to Greece
Day Two – Walking tour in the archaeological site of the Ancient and Roman Agora of Athens
Day Three – Delphi: the oracle worked its magic up here on Mount Parnassus
Day Four – The Acropolis of Athens – Aristotle’s Lyceum and Epicurus’s Garden
Day Five – Cape Sounio: A great Greek landmark
Day Six – Epidaurus
Day Seven – Departure

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