eastover2Residential Workshops at Eastover Estate & Retreat, Lenox, Massachusetts

Living the Meaningful Life – Cultivate the 7 Happiness Habits (Weekend workshop)  July 25th – 27th, 2014

This intensive weekend course provides an overview of the ‘7 habits of happy people’, which scientific research informs us are located in these areas: relationships, caring, ‘flow’, health and wellness, positive mindset, meaning (or purpose), and strengths.

Participants will explore how two of these habits (strengths and purpose) can support them in living a more meaningful life. This course will help you:  discover (and clarify) your sense of purpose or greater meaning in life; identify and use your character strengths to serve your purpose; and explore how your strengths and purpose can impact your personal and professional lives.

Everyone is welcome and would benefit from this workshop. It may be especially helpful for people in direct service and helping professions, such as therapists, social workers, life coaches, holistic counselors, doctors, psychologists, and educators.

Course Fee:     $295 tuition plus accommodation

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