The July 8th 2013 Cover of Time Magazine features The Pursuit of Happiness.



It is a great article that covers reasons for Americas obsession with The Pursuit of Happiness and how it might actually be related to evolution and inherited genes.  It also covers the impact of money on our happiness and explains the benefit of buying experiences instead of things with our money.  It also gives some bad news:

“Since 1972, only about one-third of Americans have described themselves as “very happy,” according to surveys funded by the National Science Foundation. Just since 2004, the share of Americans who identify themselves as optimists has plummeted from 79% to 50%, according to a new Time poll. Meanwhile, more than 20% of us will suffer from a mood disorder at some point in our lifetimes and more than 30% from an anxiety disorder. By the time we’re 18 years old, 11% of us have been diagnosed with depression.”
The good news is, your level of happiness can change and be improved.  We believe that happiness is obtainable and teachable.  We provide 7 Habits of Happiness based on the Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology that can help in your Pursuit of Happiness.

In order to cultivate happiness, you can:

  1. Build close relationships in which you can share your personal feelings and reveal your authentic self,
  2. Volunteer or care for others on a consistent basis,
  3. Engage in a healthy, active lifestyle that promotes physical vitality,
  4. Find spiritual engagement and meaning through meditation, prayer, organized religion, professional calling, or spiritual exploration,
  5. Practice mindfulness and positive thinking like optimism and gratitude in your daily life,
  6. Find an activity or hobby that you can become deeply involved in on a regular basis, and
  7. Identify your unique strengths and use them for a purpose that is greater than yourself.


You can find out more about each habit on our web site or through our webinars and classes.

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