Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the intro course take to complete?

As long as you like. Each of the three videos lasts about 10 minutes. The Introductory and Certificate Training Courses are completely self-paced.

Why should I take a course on the Science of Happiness? Can science really show us how we can become happier?

Thanks to a flood of recent scientific research, we are now discovering new secrets about human happiness. Did you know that “active listening” can do wonders for your relationships and your happiness? Did you know that a fifteen minute stroll through the park can lower your blood pressure as well as boost your mood? If not, you will love this course!

How can I benefit from this course?

  • 76% of students who practice only one of the “habits of happy people” described in the Science of Happiness course, report feeling happier.
  • About 25% of our students are mental health professionals, including counselors, psychologists, nurses, and life coaches, seeking online training courses, including peer support training, on wellbeing and depression prevention.

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Introductory Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology

Next Step: Proficiency Certificate Course

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