Peer Wellbeing Support Certificate Course


Be the change you want to see.
Empower your peers. 
Impact lives for happiness.

Peer Support has become a widely recognized tool in the fight to reclaim good health and sustain resilience and vitality. 

This is because peer support training can be delivered with minimal financial resources, provides emotional benefits to the providers as well as recipients, and can be implemented on a wide scale.

On top of its recognized track record, peer wellbeing support is an invaluable resource for the following reasons:

Scalability: By definition peer support is potentially a nearly unlimited resource.

Accessibility: Many victims of depression fail to engage with professionals for economic or personal reasons. On top of providing a voluntary service, peer supporters are often more readily accessible, as they share work or leisure spaces with the recipients of wellbeing support.

Peer Support Training: People of all ages can undertake a ‘Listener’ role with the proper training.

Todd, Peer Support Pup Strathclyde U. Student Union

Active listening: Through active listening, a practice regarded as a powerful catalyst of successful relationships, peer wellbeing supporters provide a sense of companionship which facilitates increased engagement.

Signposting: At-risk individuals can be encouraged to contact emergency services and apply for urgent care; moderately or mildly depressed/anxious individuals can be steered or “signposted” towards appropriate community engagement and educational programs.

Peer wellbeing support teams of ‘Listeners’ can offer an invaluable service to those they study or work with, by providing a friendly face and a listening ear to anyone who needs it, in an informal yet confidential setting.

Our peer wellbeing support course offers not only the “science of happiness” training to develop and strengthen the personal wellbeing of participants, but also training in how to share what they have learned with others. Alternatively, through our course for peer support wellbeing facilitators you will gain insights into what is needed to set up and support a peer wellbeing support team.

Wishing you great happiness and fulfillment as you take this course and, if you decide to implement the content, embark on a new peer wellbeing support adventure.