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Seven Habits to Cultivate Happiness

Happiness is understandable, obtainable, and teachable.

Happy Girl Smiling - Happiness Habits

Experiencing happiness begins with the understanding that happiness is not a gift you receive; rather, it is an emotion you create and cultivate in your life.  The Pursuit of Happiness organization has identified Seven Habits of Happy People that will cultivate greater well-being in your everyday life. In order to cultivate happiness, you can:

  1. Build close relationships in which you can share your personal feelings and reveal your authentic self,
  2. Volunteer or care for others on a consistent basis,
  3. Engage in a healthy, active lifestyle that promotes physical vitality,
  4. Find spiritual engagement and meaning through meditation, prayer, organized religion, professional calling, or spiritual exploration,
  5. Practice mindfulness and positive thinking like optimism and gratitude in your daily life,
  6. Find an activity or hobby that you can become deeply involved in on a regular basis, and
  7. Identify your unique strengths and use them for a purpose that is greater than yourself.


We will cover each of these habits and how to implement them in more detail over the coming weeks.  You can also find out more about each habit on our web site or through our webinars and classes.

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