Jessica Koehler one of our board members.

Jessica Koehler

Jessica Koehler, PhD, ACC has twenty years of experience working with students and educators in secondary and post-secondary education. After over a decade of servie as a middle, high-school, and post-secondary STEM educator, she then broadened her work, including research and evaluation, to amplify support for adolescent motivation beyond a single classroom. Jessica continues to support teens and young adults as a tutor and coach, and indirectly as an educational researcher and program evaluator. Her specific focus is adolescent and young adult development in both the non-profit sector as well as secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. Jessica is currently the Visiting Scholar of Leadership and Character for the Wake Forest University Department of Engineering. She earned her PhD in Adolescent Motivational Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, and is a Certified Youth Coach through the ICF Accredited Youth Coaching Institute. During moments of leisure, she enjoys time with family, cooking, and doing anything in nature.

Our board member Paul Min.

Paul Min

Paul Hoon-Ki Min, Ph.D., is a distinguished neuroscientist at Mayo Clinic, devotes his research to dementia and explores how breathing practice impacts brain health, focusing on oxygen delivery and waste removal. Combining science with his personal journey of self-discovery, including Christian faith, Buddhist teachings, and 20 years of Seokmun-Hoheup breathing practice, he leverages these diverse insights to inspire others to become bright, clear, and brilliant. Dr. Min's goal is to provide an understanding of how the brain works and provide self-awareness of a healthier and more meaningful life.

Prisha Patel

Prisha is currently studying at the University of Washington on a pre-med route working towards a degree in Psychology. She is very interested in learning how to “hack” the brain and use different phenomenons to improve our daily living. Prisha is very passionate about mental health and well being and is very excited to contribute to this field through her art!