Personal Transformation
and Happiness

Video material about a highly creative dance duet from China illustrating Viktor Frankl’s work on finding meaning.


Aristotle, Alexander
and Happiness

Subjects: Philosophy, Psychology Lesson based on Bruce Clark’s class at Darien.

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Science of Well-being

What contributes to satisfying, engaging, and meaningful living? What conditions allow people, couples, organizations, and countries to flourish?


Happiness: A
Writing Experience

Subject: Happiness A collection of quotes and questions for introducing an assignment on happiness and reviewing the writing process.

Happiness and Depression

Positive Psychology

Subject: Psychology A collection of quotes for use in a presentation on positive psychology.


Socrates on Happiness

Subject: Philosophy, History, Western Civilization This lesson asks participants to approach the subject of happiness using the Socratic Method.

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Finding Athletic Flow

Subject: Philosophy, Psychology, Sports An introduction to the philosophy of sports flow.

Debra Park

Podcast: A conversation
with Debra Park

on teaching, learning, and well-being