“I think this course would be particularly beneficial to those who have already done some work related to personal growth and wellbeing, and are looking for some additional learning opportunity beyond self-education. That said, anyone who wants to know what happy people are like should give this course a try. The instructors are the loveliest people I’ve worked with and the reading materials are pretty essential too.”

Yixi Zhang

“Over the course of two weeks, I was treated to a wealth of valuable information and insight. The readings and the lessons were interesting and thought-provoking, as were the online forums. What a great experience to be able to interact with people from all over the world! I can honestly say that, today, I am truly a happier person.”

NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks,
Clinical Social Worker
D.U.O. EmpowerMEnt Services

“In South Africa, an environment where there is so much disparity between the rich and poor, many of us think accumulation of material wealth alone is enough heal our past. This course comes as a means for both 
worlds to connect where common humanity, as preached by Nelson Mandela 
becomes an attainable possibility. Just the simplicity of sharing, 
caring and making time for one another brought our group an experience 
we have gone on to share in the local primary school and the local 

Nana Ngobese
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Lights On! – An organisation working to empower women of all sectors of our society.

“Taking the Happiness Course was worth every bit of time to do the readings, complete the assignments and participate in the two webinars. I learned so much in the area of Positive Psychology…This course will definitely help me professionally as I pursue work in happiness communications, but more importantly it will help me personally to be a happier person knowing what I know now. I also enjoyed connecting with other participants around the world who are students too of the happiness movement. Thank you, thank you!”

Cher Knebel
Orange County, CA

“Thank you very, very much for the wonderful class. It was very inspiring and life changing.”

Julia Grinblat, RN, Pasadena, CA

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