Happiness: A Writing Experience

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Submitted by Rebecca Haden.
About the author
My degrees are in Linguistics (BA UCSD, MA San Diego State University). I’m a full time web content writer. I’ve written instructional materials for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and for the rock band Trout Fishing in America, as well as for a variety of companies and teacher resource sites. I own and write for FreshPlans, at www.myfreshplans.com. I also write websites, blog for companies on three continents  ranging from software consultants to house painters, and create SEO strategies for businesses. This is the work of my company, Haden Interactive. I teach writing at Northwest Arkansas Community College; I think I am the only professional writer in the department.

I’ve been fascinated by the research on happiness for years, and your site inspired me to use that topic with my class. The PowerPoint and lesson are for reviewing the writing process and introducing the assignment for my Freshman Comp students, but I think it would work for high school as well.

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