We are a group of educators, designers, writers and businessmen brought together by the shared belief that happiness is understandable, obtainable and teachable

Our website provides educators, students, businesses and the general public free access to clear, concise, information on the history and scientific study of human happiness, positive psychology and mental well-being in general.

Pursuit-of-Happiness.org (Teaching Happiness, Inc.)  is a nonprofit, 5o1(c)3 organization.

Our Mission

To to promote a broader understanding of happiness by providing a wide variety of information and research, best practices, and materials and resources to bring historical and scientific views on happiness to life.

We are particularly interested in providing science-based information on the skills needed to build resilience against depression and pursue a meaningful life.

Our specific goals:

  • To promote the pursuit of happiness in educational institutions. If the pursuit of happiness is a basic right, it follows that we should be teaching about it. Both Socrates and Confucius taught that personal growth towards happiness should serve as the essential goal of education.
  • To explore the psychological foundations of human happiness. The “Science of Happiness,” is providing us with new insights into human well-being based on concrete data. We intend to make the implications of the most scientific studies clear and accessible, and regularly update this information based on the latest discoveries.
  • To promote a diversity of views on the pursuit of happiness. As members of the global community, we should enrich our views on human well-being through the study of global perspectives. What is remarkable is that many of the empirically based insights of the positive psychologists resonate with the experiential wisdom of great thinkers around the world such as Confucius and Aristotle.
  • To encourage critical thinking. Through the study of happiness we can learn how to compare and contrast perspectives from East and West, from the social sciences and humanities, on an issue that is immediately appealing and central to our lives.

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Pursuit-of-Happiness.org (Teaching Happiness Inc.)  is a nonprofit, 5o1(c)3 organization and is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.