The Science of Happiness: Theory and Practice
(online courses)

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  • Explore the practical “habits of happy people” through new discoveries in the social and natural sciences
  • Learn about leading theories and applications of Positive Psychology on personal happiness and well-being in the workplace
  • Discover the remarkable parallels between the modern science of happiness and ancient wisdom

The Science of Happiness: Free Introductory Course

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The Science of Happiness: Theory and Practice (Certificate Course)

What you will learn

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The Team

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Narration & Production: Mark K. Setton, D.Phil., Oxford
Research Team: Paul Desan, PhD, Harvard; Anthony Arciero, PhD, George Mason; Saira Qureshi, MA, LMHC; Miguel Toribio-Mateas, PhD, Middlesex
Video Editing: Fahim Nirob

What People Are Saying

I love The Science of Happiness: Theory and Practice! The Mini-Course is an excellent introduction to the topic with well written, easy to follow content on an easy to use electronic format. I appreciated the background data on depression, diabetes (and more!) as much as I enjoyed learning about the pioneers of happiness psychology. The current recommendations for a happy life are thoughtful, as is the suggestion to concoct one’s own particular “happiness soup.” Thank you for such a user-friendly, info-packed introductory course that’s effortless to access online any time, anywhere!

– Jo Becker

A great introduction to the science of happiness. I was surprised at the level of detailed information in the sections on the theory and practise. Often mini courses lack content but I found this very informative.

– Emma Brown

I was recommended to do this course by a friend in Australia. I am 74 years old and usually very active but with the resections brought about by Covid -19 this gave me an interest. The Course was well structured and presented. Very clear and easy to understand. The content was interesting. At the end I wanted to continue learning.My only comment for improvement would be to have the last module on what we could study next and how to go about it. I am looking forward to learning more about happiness.

– Glenys Simon

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This series of courses on happiness and Positive Psychology examines recent discoveries in the scientific study of happiness, and the practical implications for personal well-being. It is open to all, but will be of special interest to educators, managers, coaches, human service professionals, doctors, psychologists and other health professionals who would like to:
Empower others to realize their own potential for happiness, well-being and success
Understand the major theories and practices of positive psychology and the science of happiness
Infuse current work with an evidence-based focus on positive psychology, resilience and human-flourishing
Integrate applications of positive psychology and the science of happiness into daily life