Happiness consists

in tranquility of mind

~ Cicero

Happiness is the meaning
and purpose of life.

~ Aristotle

The whole aim and end
of human existence.

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Romano Orlando

8th Grader Helps Stressed and Miserable Students by Romano Orlando

When I first started this project, I had more downers than believers. Most people don’t like to see something new, and happiness has never been chosen in the 45 years that this project has been run. My 8th grade class was assigned the task to find a problem in our community and take a step […]


Aristotle, Alexander and Happiness

Subjects: Philosophy, Psychology

Lesson based on Bruce Clark’s class at Darien.

Cultivating positive emotions

Please welcome Suzanne Hazelton as one of our guest bloggers. She is also the author of Great Days at Work. Happiness. We can cultivate long term happiness by sowing regular seeds of positive emotions. But first let me digress into goal setting. When coaching clients it can be useful to understand “why” a particular goal […]

does technology affect happiness?

Does Technology affect Happiness?

A revealing study on this topic came out recently on the NYT. This is something I have been wondering about for years. Why are rates of depression soaring among young people? Face to face human communication, as opposed to communication with pixels (not communication with pixies, you could get in bigger trouble with that), seem to […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Everyone worries; some people worry excessively. But, what do we typically worry about? Author and motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale, estimates that: 40% of the things you worry about will never happen. 30% of the things you worry about couldn’t be changed by all the worrying in the world. 12% of your worries are needless worries […]


Finding Athletic Flow

Subject: Philosophy, Psychology, Sports

An introduction to the philosophy of sports flow.

Finding Happiness through Written Expression

Two important things help us achieve our goals: letting go of past mistakes and envisioning future success. Psychology research supports that expressive writing about one’s goals has numerous benefits for health, emotional adjustment, and well-being (Smyth, 1998), while also increasing the likelihood that the goals will be achieved. How does expressive writing help people overcome […]

Finding Happiness – 4 Concepts connected to Leadership and Success

Over the years I have had the opportunity to study leadership and success.   I am struck by the connections between each area and how those connections are similar for happiness as well. Your first test on happiness: Do you want to: Receive happiness like winning the lottery or receiving a gift? Experience happiness as a […]

Are You Happy

Flow Diagram Speaks a Thousand (Funny) Words

This flow diagram “Are You Happy” went viral recently. Author unknown. Lao Tzu? Humor and philosophy is a wonderful combination.

Romano Orlando

Happiness by Romano Orlando – Student

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” -Benjamin Franklin In order to understand happiness, one must understand what happiness actually is. The definition of happiness is, “feeling pleasure and enjoyment.” However, what is pleasure? What is enjoyment? Thomas Jefferson, an original Son of Liberty, once said, […]

Resources For Educators

Tools and information to help teach
the 7 Habits of Happiness.

Why Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness is an essential human right. Both Confucius and Socrates implied that happiness and personal growth were a major purpose of life, and a central goal of education. According to the Federalist Papers, written by the founders of U.S. government, "A good government implies two things: first, fidelity to the object of government, which is the happiness of the people; secondly, a knowledge of the means by which that object can be best attained."

More than two hundred years later, our schools and universities are still neglecting these goals. We are so busy cultivating our intellectual skills in the pursuit of wealth and status, that we have neglected the pursuit of happiness. Thanks to the emergence of Positive Psychology and the new "Science of Happiness" the tools to explore this great goal are now available.

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Do you know?

New discoveries in the science of happiness have major implications for our mental well-being.

The idea of happiness has a long history that still influences our world today.

Who may have influenced Thomas Jefferson when he penned the line "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

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Romano Orlando

Happiness by Romano Orlando – Student

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” -Benjamin Franklin In order to understand … Read More

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