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Happiness consists

in tranquility of mind

~ Cicero

Happiness is the meaning
and purpose of life.

~ Aristotle

The whole aim and end
of human existence.

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“What Would Sisyphus Do?” calls upon the Greek myth of Sisyphus, the mythical king who was destined to spend eternity pushing a giant boulder to the top of a mountain, only to have it tumble to the bottom just before achieving his goal.  Utilizing the metaphor, the presentation examines resilience after life-changing disappointments and tragedies […]


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FLOW is a state of total absorption in an activity where the individual is so focused that nothing else seems to matter.  Time flies by and the activity becomes a joyful, even ecstatic, experience.  Flow occurs most commonly when people are pursuing their passions, such as dance, music, arts and competition sports.  However, students sometimes report […]


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