Happiness consists

in tranquility of mind

~ Cicero

Happiness is the meaning
and purpose of life.

~ Aristotle

The whole aim and end
of human existence.

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Who we are

Butterfly Catcher 096We are a group of educators and web professionals dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge about happiness and depression prevention. We provide science-based information on life skills and habits needed to enhance well-being, build resilience against depression and anxiety, and pursue a meaningful life. We manage a multimedia educational platform, as well as various hybrid, online, and onsite educational programs, focused on happiness and psychological well-being.


What we do

• Provide science-based information on the life skills and habits needed to enhance well-being, build resilience against depression, and pursue a meaningful life.

• Draw attention to the remarkable links between ancient wisdom and the new science of happiness.

• Promote the pursuit of happiness through educational programs designed around our knowledge base.

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