Teaching Resources

What Would Sisyphus Do?


“What Would Sisyphus Do?” calls upon the Greek myth of Sisyphus, the mythical king who was destined to spend eternity pushing a giant boulder to the top of a mountain, only to have it tumble to the bottom just before achieving his goal.  Utilizing the metaphor, the presentation examines resilience after life-changing disappointments and tragedies […]

Podcast: A conversation with Debra Park on teaching, learning, and well-being

We have to help our students learn how to develop healthy habits which will improve not only their academics but of course their mental health in general… If we’re going to teach our students then I believe as teachers we need to develop our own personal well-being habits. After retiring from teaching high school psychology […]

Mini-Lesson Outline


Students will explore different methods for increasing happiness by examining self-awareness and kinesthetics, relationships and purpose.

Socrates on Happiness


Subject: Philosophy, History, Western Civilization

This lesson asks participants to approach the subject of happiness using the Socratic Method.

Science of Well-Being


What contributes to satisfying, engaging, and meaningful living? What conditions allow people, couples, organizations, and countries to flourish?

Happiness: A Writing Experience


Subject: Happiness

A collection of quotes and questions for introducing an assignment on happiness and reviewing the writing process.