Take Time to Exercise and You Will Be Happier

yoga pose

New research by Russell Clayton and colleagues, which is due out in the next issue of Human Resource Management, concludes there is a positive relationship between exercise and work life balance. Based on Clayton’s research, people who take the time to exercise feel more self-efficacy. In other words they are confident they can get things done. Completing a regular exercise routine, gives them proof that they are capable of handling bigger challenges, including getting major projects at work done and making time for a happy home life.
Research by Courneya showed that Breast Cancer patients had a better quality of life and were happier if they exercised. Babyak, Blumenthal and colleagues did several studies where they found exercise was more effective than Zoloft, an anti-depressant medication, in reducing the symptoms of depression. Exercise worked better in the short term, but it also turned out to be a more permanent and longer lasting solution than medication. Studies have shown that exercise releases a hormone called peptide YY that suppresses your appetite. So exercise helps you eat less, which helps you be more disciplined about your diet, which provides more confidence, which helps improve happiness.

Research by Hassmen, Koivula, and Uutela showed that exercise plays a critical role in happiness. If an individual works out two to three times a week they will be less stressed, less angry, and less depressed. They will also have improved social interactions.
Take a break and exercise. There are a number of significant benefits, including an increase in your happiness.

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